Record increase in livestock import

16 July 20182 min reading
Turkey’s import of cattle in 2017 has increased by 91 percent while the import of small cattle has increased by 4,581 percent when compared to the previous year.Başlıksız-2 In 2017, bovine animal imports increased by 91 percent and small cattle imports by 4,581 percent when compared to the previous year. According to Ajans Press, which gathered its report from various news and the Meat and Milk Board’s report, total live animal import increased by 98 percent on kilogram basis. The increase in the cattle was largely due to animal husbandry while the import for butchery needs account for a 397-percent increase and small cattle breeding meant 757 percent increase in import. EXPORT STOPPED WHILE IMPORT INCREASED According to the investigation carried out into the press by Ajans Press and ITS Media, there was 52,419 news about the import between 2017 and 2018, while there was 185,898 news on the export. Much of this news about the bovine import in 2017 was about cattle breeding. The import was realized from Uruguay (35 percent), Brazil (19 percent), and the Czech Republic (9 percent). 30 percent of the bovine breeding import was carried out from Germany, and 50 percent of import of butchery cattle was realized from Brazil and Spain. 85 percent of small cattle were realized from Australia. When these reports were examined, it is realized that there is no export of animal while the import skyrocketed.
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