European Commission approves Nutrex's additive for poultry feed

22 May 20241 min reading

Nutrex's Nutrase® P, a potent 6-phytase enzyme, has secured authorization from the European Commission for use as a zootechnical additive in poultry feed. This breakthrough promises improved nutrient absorption and sustainability in poultry production across Europe.

Nutrex, a leading producer of specialty feed products, celebrates the European Commission's approval of Nutrase® P, marking a significant stride in the realm of poultry nutrition. This authorization endorses the product as a vital tool for enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of poultry farming practices.

The enzyme, recognized under the category of digestion promoters for all poultry species kept for fattening, laying, and ornamental purposes, is lauded for its multifaceted benefits. Geert Van de Mierop, co-CEO of Nutrex, emphasizes, "The European registration of Nutrase® P represents a significant milestone and reflects our unwavering commitment to innovation and delivering top-quality nutritional solutions."

The enzyme's ability to improve digestive efficiency by releasing phosphorus from phytate is a game-changer for feed mills, premixers and poultry farmers seeking enhanced productivity and reduced environmental impact. With this approved additive, poultry farms can expect not only improved growth and feed conversion but also a reduction in phosphorus leaching into soil and water.

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