16 July 20181 min reading
Despite the fact that feed production includes similar processes in traditional terms, the sector demands the products at its hands to be manufactured in a more precise way together with the technological developments. Also the expectations regarding the quality and effectiveness are also rising. International competition forces all the producers to comply with the developing conditions.successfulco555 While the basic processes of grinding, mixing, and pelleting have remained consistent over time within the feed industry, there is a growing emphasis being placed on improved precision and efficiency in these manufacturing processes while providing a high quality product. This push for advancement is essential in helping to address the major challenges facing today’s feed industry. Many of the current issues revolve around ingredients, or more specifically by-product ingredients from food processors, renders, and bio-fuels industries. Challenges in sourcing consistent high-quality ingredients are further compounded by facility design and its ability to adapt to changing diet formulations. Thus, equipment manufactures and feed manufacturing operations are continuously looking for solutions that enhance and improve the current manufacturing process. We hope our cover story titled ‘Feed Production Process and New Trends in Feed Production Technologies’ to be beneficial to you readers.
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