New biosecurity audit app for feed mills

18 October 20231 min reading

A US-based feed pathogen control company released a new biosecurity audit app for feed mills, aiming to simplify regulatory processes and enhance industry-wide compliance.

Anitox has launched the Feed Mill Biosecurity Audit app, a tool designed to streamline feed mill biosecurity audit processes across different regions and regulatory standards. Aimed at mill managers and quality teams, the app assists in establishing biosecurity benchmarks by identifying potential areas of concern, promoting robust manufacturing practices, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Dr. Enrique Montiel, Anitox’s Global Director of Nutrition and Live Production, explains: "Auditing feed mills and amassing the evidence and data needed to produce meaningful biosecurity programs can be a headache. For years our feed mill technologists have been walking facilities with customers, collecting evidence and preparing reports for regulatory and compliance bodies across the globe. That has become significantly easier, thanks to the new feed mill biosecurity audit app.”

Built on the company’s experience and collaboration with top European feed microbial quality auditors, the app provides practical solutions to common pathogen-related challenges in the industry.

Prioritizing data security, feed pathogen control entity ensures that user audit data remains confidential, positioning the tool as both useful and secure for industry professionals.

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