Miavit expands into growing horse feed market

21 May 20242 min reading

Miavit is broadening its focus to include the equine feed market, leveraging its technological and nutritional expertise. The company aims to support customers and offer its own solutions amidst the sector's significant growth.

Miavit, a German feed additive and premix company, announced that it is evolving to position itself for future opportunities by entering the rapidly growing equine feed market. The market, valued at USD 8.16 billion in 2023, is expected to reach USD 11.35 billion by 2028, reflecting a robust annual growth rate of 6.9%. This expansion is driven by several factors, including an increasing horse population, rising interest in equestrian sports and racing, the growth of emerging economies, and a surge in outdoor activities involving horses.

The company highlights the critical role of water accessibility in livestock farming, noting that the simple fact that animals carry water can reduce the time required to access it. "At Miavit, we have extensive technological and nutritional expertise to support our customers with their own products in the field of horse feeding and also offer our own product solutions," a spokesperson wrote on Miavit's LinkedIn account.

Miavit's entry into the equine feed sector aligns with its broader strategy of continuous evolution and adaptation to market demands. The company's commitment to leveraging its expertise in this new venture underscores its proactive approach to growth and customer support in the dynamic feed industry.


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