Yemtar commissions new turnkey feed factory in Adana for Ofis Yem

22 May 20242 min reading

Yemtar has successfully launched a new turnkey feed factory for Ofis Yem in Adana. The facility boasts an impressive 80 tons per hour capacity, catering to the production of cattle, sheep, and poultry feed.

Yemtar, a leading company in the feed machinery industry, has completed and commissioned a state-of-the-art turnkey feed factory for Ofis Yem in Adana. The facility is designed to produce feed for cattle, sheep, and poultry with a substantial capacity of 80 tons per hour. 

Yemtar announced the commissioning of the new factory on their LinkedIn page: "As Yemtar, we have commissioned our turnkey feed factory, completed for Ofis Yem in Adana."

Ofis Yem is recognized as one of Turkey's top 500 industrial enterprises, with existing feed factories in Ankara, Kars, and Manisa, boasting capacities of 75, 35, and 60 tons per hour respectively. The new Adana facility further strengthens their position in the industry, enhancing their production capacity and meeting the growing demand for high-quality feed.

Yemtar continues to push the boundaries by incorporating the latest innovations and knowledge into their operations. With exports to 44 countries across four continents, including the Middle East, Balkans, Asian countries, and North Africa, Yemtar is a key player in the global feed machinery market. This latest project underscores their commitment to providing limitless solutions and contributing to the growth of the Turkish economy.

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