F.A.S.T. Lab's technological leap in feed additive testing

14 September 20231 min reading

F.A.S.T. Lab, emerging from Kartal Kimya's legacy, revolutionizes Turkey's feed additive testing with its state-of-the-art LC-MS/MS device, offering rapid and precise local analysis.

Kartal Kimya's renowned feed additive laboratory in Turkey, celebrated for years as the pinnacle of industry excellence, has evolved to become F.A.S.T. Lab. This transformation cements its place as the country's foremost facility in this domain.

Marking a notable milestone, F.A.S.T. Lab is the first in the Turkish feed additive industry to utilize the advanced LC-MS/MS device. As a result, many tests, once considered unfeasible in Turkey, are now achievable locally. This means feed and feed raw materials no longer need to be sent overseas, ensuring swift, accurate results.

With F.A.S.T. Lab, experience rapid quality assurance through our ever-evolving innovative analysis methods and services!

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