Young minds tackle mycotoxin challenges at global forum

19 September 20232 min reading

Young scientists converge at the World Mycotoxin Forum 14th Conference in Antwerp, unveiling ground-breaking research and innovative approaches to mycotoxin challenges in the feed-to-food chain.

In the upcoming World Mycotoxin Forum 14th Conference in Antwerp from 9-11 October, Selko, Nutreco's renowned feed additives brand, will unveil its latest research on global mycotoxin prevalence and the success of different mitigation techniques. A highlight of the event will be the Young Scientist Forum, aimed at spotlighting the next generation of researchers and their forward-thinking solutions to commercial mycotoxin challenges.

Young researchers and students have until 27 September to submit their insights, with the most innovative idea set to receive an award on 10 October. As emphasized by Dr. Swamy Haladi of Selko, fresh perspectives are essential in tackling intricate challenges in the feed-to-food chain.

With Selko's significant contribution as a gold sponsor, attendees can expect a total of nine research posters and two oral presentations from Selko scientists and their collaborators. Key topics include:

  • The HACCP-approach to mycotoxin management in animal products, presented by Dr. Haladi.
  • Insights into the mycotoxin-mitigating agent’s efficiency on broiler breeder hens, shared by Dr. LV-Hui Sun.
  • A regional breakdown of mycotoxin prevalence in 2022, spanning continents.
  • In-depth research into the effects and efficacy of various mitigating agents and strategies on diverse species.
  • Emphasizing the significance of on-going research, Dr. Haladi states that addressing mycotoxin risks is paramount for ensuring safety throughout the feed-to-food chain.


Selko, Nutreco's feed additives arm, combines decades of experience with cutting-edge research to produce high-quality, scientifically-backed feed additives, emphasizing feed safety, antibiotic reduction, and overall animal health.

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