EU set to impose tariffs on Russian grain imports, stirring farmers’ concerns

21 May 20241 min reading

The European Union is gearing up to impose tariffs on grain imports from Russia and Belarus, a move set to reverberate across the agricultural landscape. According to Financial Times, reports suggest that a duty of 95 euros per ton on cereals from the aforementioned countries will be enforced, alongside a 50% tariff on oil seeds and derived products.

The decision comes amidst mounting pressure from farmers and member states, who argue that current restrictions, particularly under the Green Deal plan, are stifling agricultural growth. Protests have erupted in several EU nations, notably Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia, where farmers decry the impact on prices. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has called for a broader ban on imports of Russian and Belarusian agricultural goods, adding to the intensity of the debate.

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