EU feed production forecast shows mixed outlook for 2024

04 June 20242 min reading

Industrial compound feed production in the EU is expected to decrease slightly in 2024, with varying trends across livestock sectors driven by economic, regulatory, and environmental factors. Poultry feed is the only sector forecasted to grow, while pig and cattle feed sectors face challenges.

According to FEFAC (the European Compound Feed Manufacturers’ Federation), industrial compound feed production in the EU27 is forecasted to decrease by 0.3% in 2024, reaching 147 million tons. Economic uncertainty, regulatory changes, and environmental policies are key drivers shaping the sector's dynamics.

FEFAC anticipates poultry feed production to increase by 1.6%, reflecting a recovery in poultry production in countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy following the impacts of Avian Influenza in 2023. However, market dynamics may be affected by concerns about imported poultry meat and a shift from organic to conventional production.

In contrast, the pig feed sector is projected to decline by 1-2%, influenced by a decrease in pig numbers and disease pressures, particularly African swine fever. Despite these challenges, Ireland and Poland expect a modest recovery in pig numbers, which may mitigate the overall decline.

Cattle feed production is expected to remain relatively stable, with minor regional variations. Ireland anticipates modest growth due to a delayed grazing season, while The Netherlands foresees a decline of approximately 5% in the dairy and beef sectors, driven by ongoing regulatory and environmental challenges.

FEFAC represents 21 national associations in the EU, along with associate members in the UK, Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey. The European compound feed industry employs over 100,000 people across approximately 3,200 production sites, generating a turnover of €50 billion.

The 2024 forecast is subject to change, with updated data to be collected in autumn 2024.


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