Abalıoğlu’s 'Conscious Aquaculture Seminar' was in Izmir this time

13 February 20191 min reading

Abalıoğlu Agricultural Production continues its training seminars for breeders with the principle of “Conscious breeding starts with an efficient and healthy nutrition”. A large number of breeders attended the seminar which included the presentations made by Abalım Feed Consultant Dr. Sergio Calsamiglia and Abalım Yem farm support managers and is organized in Izmir, Turkey which came after the organizations held in Amasya, Çorum, Aksaray, Kayseri, Denizli and Erzincan. In the seminar titled “Sustainable Farm Management”, Abalım Yem Farm Support Manager Okan Yavuz gave information about how the successful production techniques in modern farms can be adapted to medium and small enterprises. The seminar included also biosafety measures, preventive medicine practices, feed raw material supply and stock management, nutrition and reproduction management.

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