Alapala Feed Tech is rapidly moving towards its goals for 2024-2025

02 February 20243 min reading

Being one of the global leaders in terms of food processing technologies, with its high-capacity turnkey projects established across the world, Alapala stands out with its production, planning, project management, engineering, industrial automation, installation, after-sales services and R&D investments, especially in the fields of grain, pasta and feed processing.  Having more than 1.000 turnkey project references in more than 120 countries in 5 different continents, Alapala is able to provide services locally in more than 48 countries through its country offices and representative offices. In the feed machinery sector, Alapala Feed Tech brand is on its way to becoming a leading global brand that is solution-oriented with high customer satisfaction, sustainable to be the best, that adopts a solid production and service approach with high quality, and that offers advanced technology machinery and systems to the market with confidence. 

Ali Cem Dağlı
Technical Manager of Alapala Feed Tech

In the survey conducted by a Magazine named Turkishtime, Alapala once again demonstrated its futuristic vision based on sustainable production and high standards by being included in the list of the top 250 companies in terms of R&D expenditures throughout 2022. In this context, Alapala Academy and Innovation Centre, which was established in 2023, fulfilled another important need in the sector by offering applied training opportunities in the field of food processing technologies not only in Turkey but also across the world. 

Ali Cem Dağlı, Technical Manager of Alapala Feed Tech, drew attention to the fact that scientific researches regarding the nutrition and digestion of animals in the feed sector are also progressing very fast in parallel with the speed of scientific developments in the world.  Dağlı said, “The diversity of raw materials and ration have increased. As machine manufacturers, we are also adapting our machines to these changes. Starting from the process of cleaning, we are improving our dosing, grinding, mixing, liquid-oil addition, extrusion and pelletising technologies for different raw materials. The design of new machines, the development of existing machines and the employment of qualified manpower in the areas of production constitute the main components of our strategy. We are undertaking environmentally sensitive projects in line with food safety and hygiene standards, and we are manufacturing our machines in compliance with these standards. With the help of sensors, we are improving our automation, increasing the traceability of the working conditions of the machines and saving energy. While establishing turnkey feed factories, we are building projects in line with the needs and expectations of our customers. Due to our flexible modelling capability, we are able to produce alternative solutions without compromising our standards. We have built our after-sales technical support, training, service and spare parts services on unconditional customer satisfaction.”

“As we are entering 2024, we are happy to have achieved last year’s goals, and we aim to carry our brand to the top in the feed industry in this upcoming period. We wish health, happiness, success and peace to all of us in the New Year”.

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