Canada grants approval to dsm-firmenich’s product reducing methane emissions

03 February 20242 min reading

Canada has officially given the nod to Bovaer, a feed ingredient by dsm-firmenich that swiftly slashes methane emissions from dairy and beef cattle. The product offers 30% reduction in methane emissions for dairy cows and 45% for beef cattle.

Canada has granted market approval for Bovaer, marking a pivotal moment in the fight against livestock-related methane emissions. Developed by dsm-firmenich, the product is a feed ingredient that promises immediate and significant reductions in methane emissions from both dairy and beef cattle. For the nearly 10,000 dairy farmers in Canada, this ingredient offers a remarkable 30% average reduction in methane emissions for dairy cows, translating to a 10-15% drop in the overall greenhouse gas footprint per liter of milk.

Likewise, Canadian cattle feeders, overseeing around 3.3 million cattle annually, stand to benefit from a remarkable 45% average reduction in methane emissions. The inclusion of the approved feed additive in established protocols opens the door for cattle feeders to generate carbon offsets, providing an additional avenue for income. Following extensive trials, including a notable two-year study in Alberta demonstrating up to 82% methane reductions, it is set to be introduced to the Canadian market in the coming weeks. This feed ingredient not only aligns with the sustainability efforts of the sector but also positions Canada as a leader in fulfilling international emissions reduction commitments, such as the Global Methane Pledge.

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