AFIA's EMC tackles feed industry's labor and supply chain challenges

28 November 20232 min reading

AFIA’s recent Equipment Manufacturers Conference (EMC) in Arizona brought together over 60 industry professionals to delve into pressing concerns surrounding labor and supply chain dynamics within the feed industry.

Gary Huddleston

Feed industry professionals recently convened in Tucson, Arizona, for the American Feed Industry Association’s (AFIA) annual Equipment Manufacturers Conference (EMC). Hosted by AFIA’s Equipment Manufacturers Committee, the conference attracted over 60 industry experts who explored pressing labor and supply chain challenges. “This year's conference was one of the best ever! It was held at a great location, fostered excellent networking and featured a tremendous agenda of excellent speakers and topics,” said Gary Huddleston, AFIA’s director of feed manufacturing and regulatory affairs.

Sessions covered a range of topics, from leveraging lessons learned during the pandemic for future business management to utilizing immigration laws strategically. Attendees gained insights into a new university scholarship model, effective company marketing strategies for recruitment and retention, and broader discussions on industry trends.

The event also included a scholarship fundraiser, through a golf putting contest, raffle, and donations. The success of this year’s conference solidifies its status as a crucial annual gathering for industry professionals, providing a platform for networking and knowledge-sharing. Those interested can mark their calendars for the 2024 EMC scheduled for November 6-8.

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