Yeast cell wall extract boosts layer performance during mycotoxin challenges

16 April 20242 min reading

In a groundbreaking study, yeast cell wall extract (YCWE) supplementation has shown remarkable benefits for layer hens facing mycotoxin challenges. Published in Toxins journal, the meta-analysis reveals significant improvements in body weight, egg production, and egg weight, offering promising solutions for the poultry industry.

A recent meta-analysis published in Toxins sheds light on the potential of yeast cell wall extract (YCWE) to mitigate the adverse effects of mycotoxin exposure on layer performance. Conducted by Alltech, the study demonstrates that YCWE supplementation during mycotoxin challenges resulted in notable enhancements in key performance parameters.

According to Dr. Alexandra Weaver, from the Alltech Technology Group team, "To the researchers’ knowledge, this is the first time a meta-analysis study has been conducted with laying hens which evaluates the influence of not only mycotoxins alone but also the use of a mycotoxin mitigation strategy on key performance parameters."

The meta-analysis evaluated data from 25 trials involving 1774 laying hens, confirming the detrimental impact of mycotoxins on body weight, egg production, and egg weight. However, the inclusion of YCWE effectively mitigated these effects, leading to increased egg production and quality, even under high mycotoxin levels.

The findings underscore the significance of addressing mycotoxin challenges in layer production and highlight the potential role of YCWE in enhancing profitability. With promising results, this study heralds a new era in poultry nutrition, offering practical solutions to optimize layer performance and ensure sustainable production practices.

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