What did the virus teach us?

26 May 20202 min reading
Editor Cemalettin Kanaş

Dear readers,

In addition to the loss of lives and the effects on human health, the global corona crisis we have made us experience a global economic shock, particularly in the developed world. According to official statistics, around 5 million people worldwide have been infected with this virus. It has been recorded that over 320 thousand lives have been defeated by this relentless virus. From an economic perspective, the magnitude of the crisis has not yet been fully calculated. Economists seem to agree that this would be better understood with the follow-on costs.

On the other hand, although some vaccine trials on subjects are announced to be successful, we are still far from a definite and widespread solution to the virus. In this case, as individuals, we do not have much choice except to observe the measures that governments have brought within the scope of the 'flattening the curve' moves to save time to prevent a possible health sector collapse until the vaccine is found and hope that the vaccine will become widespread as soon as possible.

What individuals can do is limited to their own health. However, the private sector, especially the companies in the food chain, needs to do something beyond just hoping and maintaining social distance. Even if an effective and widespread vaccine is developed for the coronavirus, food safety must be guaranteed against similar outbreaks.

Food safety and food security were on the global agenda before the Coronavirus. However, now we for sure know that we are on tenterhooks. The virus once again taught us that the rapidness and rationality of the decision-making mechanism is vital not only for profitability, but also for food security. Wise eyes will witness that the players who fail to meet this criterion will fall from the big leagues.

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