Feed classified as ‘essential goods’ in EU

26 May 20202 min reading

Due to the quarantine and life-slowing measures triggered by the coronavirus epidemic, the world takes precautions against an interruption in animal food production. Within this context, the EU Commission and G-20 countries included animal feed in the 'essential goods' list. FEFAC, who previously made a request in this direction with AFIA, announced that it welcomed the decision.

The spread of the epidemic, which has raged to the world, especially Europe and the USA, since February and March, has forced many governments around the world to take drastic measures. Especially in international trade, long queues occurred at the border gates. In this context, the production of products which are not included in the 'essential goods' list, the majority of which are food items, has been compromised. Thereupon, many feed producer associations, namely AFIA and FEFAC, stated that animal feed production cannot be considered separately from the food chain and made a call to Brussels and Washington. Pointing out that the harsh measures taken could lead to a shortage of animal products in a short time, the feed associations requested to be included in the exceptions recognized for the production of food by putting the animal feed under the essential goods status with their statements representing the sector. The fair demands of the feed industry were responded positively by both the EU Commission and the G-20. FEFAC welcomed the decision. “The undisrupted functioning of the feed supply chain is crucial in the production of foodstuffs of animal origin. At this point in time, no severe disruption has occurred at feed level, however long waiting times at border posts remains an issue in several countries,” the institution declared through its official website.

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