Veolia secures nod to ship insect-derived products to Europe

14 November 20231 min reading

Veolia’s Malaysian branch has received approval to export insect-based products to Europe. The move comes amid rising interest in alternative feed sources in the pet food and aquaculture sectors.

Veolia Bioconversion Malaysia, an affiliate of the global Veolia Group, has obtained approval from Malaysia’s Ministry of Agriculture to export its insect meal and oil to Europe. These insect-based products, aimed at the pet food, aquaculture, and livestock sectors, are produced in alignment with EU standards and meet all regulatory requirements for animal feed.

A key highlight is the TRACES certification, emphasizing safety and traceability from raw materials to the finished products. Veolia, with a 170-year legacy, has consistently focused on turning organic waste into valuable resources. The company’s Malaysian facility is among Asia’s most significant, producing up to 3,000 tons of insect-derived products annually and maintaining top industry standards, including ISO 22000 and HACCP.

Fabrice Latchoumanin, General Manager of Veolia Bioconversion Malaysia, noted, “There is an increasing requirement for sustainable, and functional ingredients in the pet food and the aquafeed industry. Insect-based feed offers many benefits for these applications such as high digestibility and nutritious feed source. We are thrilled to provide a sustainable alternative source of protein to the European market.”

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