SUMAE becomes aquaculture demonstration center of FAO

07 October 20192 min reading

The Trabzon Aquaculture Central Research Institute (SUMAE) has become the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) - General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) Aquaculture Demonstration Center.

With the support of FAO GFCM, closed circuit aquaculture system (ADC-RAS) with the latest technology has been established in the Fisheries Central Research Institute. Within the scope of this system, breeding of various fish species, especially the Black Sea Trout, is carried out in a perfect way. The FAO, GFCM, Aquaculture Demonstration Center (ADC), established within the body of Trabzon Fisheries Central Research Institute-SUMAE, continues its applied training. The modern closed-circuit aquaculture system (ADC-RAS) that has been established with the support of FAO-GFCM has come on stream and training named "Trout Farming in Closed Circuit System" has been provided to a total of 15 participants from Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey was given between 16th and 21st of July. Throughout the training, theoretical presentations and practical applications on trout farming in closed circuit systems were realized. Thanks to the event, Turkey's know-how and experience on aquaculture was shared with neighboring countries of the Black Sea. Additionally, in this center, a series of studies have been carried out on the production of turbot and a series of training (on fish diseases, etc.) will be organized in the coming period for the experts from Arab countries and experts from the countries bordering the Black Sea.

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