Siberian grain exporter NBPC expands reach to Turkish market

25 June 20242 min reading N. Kemal PARLAK

Siberian grain exporter Novosibirskhleboprodukt (NBPC) broadens its market presence, particularly targeting Turkey. With an annual export volume of 800,000 tons, NBPC prioritizes wheat, corn, barley, oats, flaxseed, and yellow peas, with significant sales to Turkey among other nations.

Novosibirsk hleboprodukt (NBPC), a leading grain exporter in Russia's Siberian region, is intensifying its focus on the Turkish market. The company, ranking 17th among all Russian grain and feed exporters, aims to strengthen its foothold in Turkey through its commercial representative, Siberian Agricultural Products Import and Export Inc. NBPC facilitated 400,000 tons of exports to Turkey through this partnership in 2023. Besides NBPC has a 10% of the Turkish wheat bran market. High-quality wheat bran in pellets is always available in stock in Izmir.

NBPC prides itself on its customer-partner approach, emphasizing the establishment of enduring supply chains through its dedicated team. "Our employees work tirelessly to ensure trust and stability by addressing payment, logistics, and insurance concerns around the clock," states a company spokesperson.

The company's expansion into Turkey aligns with its strategy of diversifying its export destinations and solidifying long-term trade relationships. As Turkey emerges as a key market for Siberian grain products, NBPC remains committed to delivering quality products and reliable service to its Turkish partners.

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