Raw milk production cost drops by 2.8% in June

08 July 20242 min reading

TÜSEDAD announced the cost of producing one liter of chilled raw milk in June as 17.22 TRY, reflecting a 2.8% decrease compared to May. The reduction is attributed to lower feed and barley prices.

Tüm Süt, Et ve Damızlık Sığır Yetiştiricileri Derneği (Türkiye’s All Dairy, Meat and Cattle Breeders Association – TÜSEDAD), taking into account the real production input prices formed in the market each month, announced the cost of producing one liter of chilled raw milk for June as 17.22 TRY. This figure represents a 2.8% decrease compared to the 17.71 TRY reported in May. It was noted that the decrease in feed and barley prices due to the harvest had a positive impact on costs, while there was also a limited increase in live animal sales prices.

TÜSEDAD emphasized the indispensable importance of farmers in rural areas maintaining a profitable production cycle for the future of the country. The association highlighted the strategic importance of sustainable food supply, halting migration from rural to urban areas, and ensuring labor availability in rural areas for the competitiveness of other industries. TÜSEDAD recommended that the price of one liter of chilled raw milk, which would balance the sector and ensure the continuity of both meat and raw milk production, be set at 20.66 TRY/liter, calculated by adding an average profit margin of 20% to the monthly calculated cost.

The cost calculations are based on a business with a capacity of 100 dairy cows. These businesses, which have cows giving an average of 28 liters of milk daily, sell male calves born on the farm at four days old and replace 20% of the herd annually with female calves raised on the farm. Thus, surplus pregnant heifers raised on the farm are sold in the market, keeping the dairy cow capacity stable at 100.

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