26 February 20181 min reading

Feed is the most important input for poultry industry in terms of cost. The availability of low-priced, high-quality feeds is very important for the expansion of the poultry sector. For maximum performance and good health, poultry need a steady supply of energy, protein, essential aminoacids, minerals, vitamins and water.


Recent advances in poultry nutrition have focused on three main areas: 1. developing an understanding of nutrient metabolism and nutrient requirements; 2. determining the availability of nutrients in feed ingredients; and 3. formulating least-cost diets that bring nutrient requirements and nutrient supply together.

With the rapid increase in world population and the demand for meat, the burden of poultry industry increases. The world will need to produce 69% more food calories by 2050, almost half of which will come from poultry production.

In 2017, global feed production exceeded 1 billion metric tons for the first time and the poultry industry represents 44% of the feed production. Considering that world’s population is expected to grow in the near future, it is beyond doubt that the poultry industry has to be ready for a continuous growth.

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