GEAPS/AFIA announce partnership to expand education in grain and feed industries

22 December 20202 min reading

While the value of distance learning has increased a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic, GEAPS announced a partnership with AFIA to share educational programming across both member organizations.

The coronavirus continues to affect all the industries. However, not all of these effects are negative. The challenges brought by the deadly disease force institutions to join forces and collaborate in many fields. The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) and the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA), prominent associations of the grain and feed industry, are two of them.

GEAPS announced a partnership with AFIA to share educational programming across both member organizations. Accordingly, GEAPS members will receive a discount on AFIA’s distance education courses, including its Fundamentals of Feed Manufacturing Online course offered live or on-demand through Kansas State University. Members of the AFIA will receive discounts on GEAPS online training courses.

GEAPS Executive Director Steve Records explained the overlap between the organizations. “A big part of GEAPS includes the ‘Processing’ operations for the industry. Our member facilities supply all avenues of the food chain, including the feed industry,” Records said. “Many of AFIA’s members receive, store and process grain as part of regular operations. The principles of safety and efficiency that work in a grain elevator will also apply in feed mills.

This is a great opportunity to expand access to information to members of both organizations and this collaboration allows both GEAPS and AFIA to deliver more member value without recreating or duplicating efforts.”

“Over the past few months, our members have remarked about the value of distance learning and education to enhance their current and new employees’ skills, especially amid current COVID precautions and travel restrictions,” said AFIA’s President and CEO Constance Cullman. “We recognize going forward that the ‘new normal’ will entail more flexible solutions to meet employers’ schedules and budgets and are excited to expand our offerings with a partner like GEAPS in 2021.”

The full schedule of 2021 events include:

AFIA-KSU 500 courses: 2 – March 9; March 30 – May 4; Aug. 3 – Sept. 7; and Oct 5 – Nov. 9. Register at

AFIA-KSU 500 On-Demand modules offered throughout the year at

View GEAPS 2021 course schedule online at

To participate at the discounted rates, GEAPS and AFIA members should contact their respective events staff.

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