Divaks collaborates with Bühler for yellow mealworm plant

14 November 20232 min reading

Scheduled for launch in 2025, Divaks, a Lithuanian insect producer, has teamed up with Swiss technology group Bühler to create an industrial-scale yellow mealworm plant. This plant aims to produce approximately 15,000 tonnes of sustainable insect-derived products annually, including those for pet food applications, marking a significant step in meeting the rising demand for sustainable protein sources.

Lithuanian insect producer Divaks is teaming up with Swiss technology group Bühler to create its first commercial-scale yellow mealworm plant, slated for operation in 2025. This facility will focus on producing yellow mealworms, an eco-friendly protein source suitable for various applications, including pet food. Divaks’ site, located in Lithuania’s Marijampolė Free Economic Zone, spans 10,000 square meters, and the company aims to double its production by 2030.

Bühler will provide the technology for the entire process, from larvae growth systems to processing the harvested larvae into various food ingredients. This initiative addresses the growing demand for sustainable protein sources, particularly in pet food, where yellow mealworms offer an environmentally friendly protein option. Their low environmental impact and resource requirements make them a promising alternative ingredient for pet food, supporting a more sustainable food system. Divaks, founded in 2020, is nearing the final stages of its Series A funding round to expand its operations.

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