Alapala once again included in the R&D 250 List

15 November 20232 min reading

One of the global leaders in food processing technologies, Alapala has been included in the list of the 250 Largest Companies According to R&D Expenditures in 2022.

The results of Turkey’s R&D 250 research, which was organized for the 10th time this year, prepared according to the data of 2022, were announced. Alapala, which is among the world leaders in food process technologies, was included in the list of the 250 Largest Companies According to R&D Expenditures in 2022 in the research conducted by Turkishtime magazine. Alapala, which draws attention with its R&D and innovation activities with its own resources, has once again become one of the largest companies and has once again demonstrated its determination to produce innovative solutions.

Görkem Alapala, CEO of Alapala, stated, “Being included in the Turkishtime R&D 250 list is an indication of how valuable our efforts in this field are. With Alapala’s 70 years of know-how and our passion for innovation, we strive to raise the bar of success higher every year. We will continue to add value to the industry all over the world with our investments in R&D and innovation.”


Through its innovative approaches and solutions backed by R&D investments, Alapala optimizes operational efficiencies in over 1000 reference projects worldwide, enhancing the value it brings to the food processing industry. Alapala Academy and Innovation Center, established in 2023, is the first of its kind in Turkey and leads the industry by providing training to milling professionals around the world in partnership with the International Association of Operational Millers (IAOM).


Ranked among the world leaders in food processing technologies, Alapala stands out especially with its production, planning, project management, engineering, industrial automation, installation, after-sales services and R&D investments in all types of grain flour, pasta and feed process, owing to its high-capacity turnkey projects. With more than 1,000 turnkey project references across 4 continents and in more than 120 countries worldwide, Alapala serves locally in more than 48 countries through its country offices and representative offices. Having acquired 70% of the shares of Italian Axor Srl operating in pasta processing technologies in 2021, Alapala not only achieved its goal of establishing integrated facilities in the food industry with this strategic investment but it also stepped into the sector of pasta processing technologies.

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