Cargill opens aquaculture feed line in Vietnam

07 July 20172 min reading

Cargill, opened a new aquaculture feed line in Ha Nam, Vietnam. With the new feed production line, the number of aqua feed line nationwide increased to 10.


Cargill in Vietnam marked a milestone with the opening of its 10th aqua feed line at its feed mill in Ha Nam, Vietnam. This new line is expected to strengthen the company’s long-term commitment to contribute to the development of the local agricultural economy. With a production capacity of 3,000 tons per month, this modern line focuses on high quality extruded feed for Tilapia and other local species to serve the local demand for floating fish feeds.

Thanks to its strategic location in Ha Nam province, the new aquaculture feed line will improve access to customers in the major agricultural areas of Ha Nam, Hanoi, Thai Binh and the broader North Central Vietnam region where farmers are rapidly switching from extensive to intensive farming practices. It will help reduce delivery time to customers and enable fish farmers to grow healthy seafood, increase their output, and lower their production costs per kilogram while reducing their impact on the environment.

“Vietnam is a critical aquaculture market for Cargill, and we are excited to be expanding our aquaculture feed capability to our 6th plant location to continue our growth in Vietnam and in Asia South,” said Chad Gauger, Managing Director, Cargill Aquaculture Nutrition Asia South. “Cargill’s global innovation and expertise combined with our strong plant operations in Vietnam and commercial teams will bring exciting new technologies to the Vietnamese farmer to help them thrive.”

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