Adisseo unveils comprehensive handbook on liquid additive application in feed

28 November 20231 min reading

Adisseo, a leading player in feed additives, releases a valuable handbook offering insights into the effective application of liquid micro-ingredients in feed production, a crucial resource for feed industry professionals.

Adisseo, a prominent player in feed additives and supplements, has launched an extensive handbook addressing the application of liquid micro-ingredients in compound feeds, providing industry professionals with a comprehensive guide. Covering various additive types, optimal introduction timing, and practical advice on equipment and quality control, the handbook serves as a valuable resource for plant managers, quality managers, nutritionists, and equipment developers. With a practical approach, it guides industry players through best practices in equipment design, implementation, and monitoring.

The release underscores Adisseo's commitment to knowledge-sharing, contributing to continuous improvement in feed production processes and overall product quality. For professionals seeking in-depth insights into liquid additives' role and application, this handbook offers a wealth of knowledge, supporting advancements in the feed industry's practices and ensuring the effective utilization of liquid micro-ingredients.

Adisseo, with a substantial turnover of 2.04 billion euros in 2022 and serving over 4,200 customers worldwide, continues to lead the way in providing high-quality and sustainable solutions.

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