Adisseo introduces new-generation phytase Rovabio PhyPlus

01 December 20212 min reading

Adisseo launched Rovabio PhyPlus, a new generation phytase that is a recent addition to the company's Rovabio range of enzyme products.

Adisseo introduced Rovabio PhyPlus as a new pillar within the company’s feed digestibility. Through its speed of action, the phytase makes it possible to achieve a complete degradation of phytic acid (IP6) in a short time, thereby limiting the anti-nutritional capacity of phytates to chelate valuable nutrients in the animal. On November 30, the company will present the product in a webinar.

Several studies have shown that Rovabio PhyPlus is able to extract more than 80% of phosphorus contained in poultry feed formulas, thereby significantly reducing the excretion of phosphorus into the environment and thus, improving sustainability.

Adisseo, with its NIR platform-based PNE and ADICT tool, which links data from PNE to feed formulation software services, is a pioneer in the evaluation of feed quality, including the quantity of anti-nutritional factors like phytate and arabino-xylan, and tools to dynamically improve feed formulations using feed quality data.

The services enable the proper use of Rovabio PhyPlus and other products in the Rovabio range to extract maximum value from feed.

According to Adisseo, what makes Rovabio PhyPlus different from the other phytase products on the market is its high intrinsic thermostability. This innovation creates an opportunity for a new way to use liquid phytases.

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