Yemtar provides feed for cats and dogs

24 September 20201 min reading

Yemtar, one of the leading Turkish feed machine manufacturers, is undertaking a social responsibility project for cats and dogs. Within the scope of the project carried out with the slogan “We are Responsible to Them”, food for cats and dogs is left in many points of Bandırma, Turkey.

Serving in the feed machinery sector for 40 years, Yemtar is adopting a social responsibility project for cats and dogs in Bandırma. Offering machines that produce the most suitable food and feed for the natural feeding of animals, the company leaves cat and dog food in many points of the city. In the statement made by the company officials, the project was announced as follows:

“In our 40th year, with our motto, ‘We Feed Like Nature’ we hanged cat and dog foods at many points all around our city. Please join us, spread love and happiness to our little friends and feed them with our small gifts.”

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