Yaşar Group turns 72!

27 November 20171 min reading

Incorporating Çamlı Yem, the Yaşar Group celebrates its 72nd anniversary.

yasar_holdingThe Yaşar Group, a pioneer of the food and dye industry, celebrated its 72nd anniversary with the theme "For a healthier life." Yaşar Group's executives from Turkey and abroad participated in the event, "For a healthier life." “We are so happy and proud to celebrate the 72nd age of our group. Our business that commenced with our grandfather’s dye trade in 1927 improved with expanding the dye business and with investments of our father Selçuk Yaşar in various sectors particularly food and beverage. Yaşar Group which is celebrating its 72nd age has added very precious brands and products,” said Selim Yaşar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yaşar Holding. "2018 will be the year that we will take the fruits of our investments, maintain to grow, continue to improve our human resources, support sustainability in all its dimensions, and drive it forward at all of our activities", said Dr. Mehmet Aktaş, Chief Executive of Yaşar Holding, giving statistical information about the group of companies.

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