White House poised to toughen climate model for ethanol

20 February 20241 min reading

US President Biden's administration is set to unveil a significant adjustment to ethanol's environmental impact model, signaling potential challenges for ethanol producers and their eligibility for sustainable aviation fuel tax credits.

In a move anticipated to reshape the ethanol landscape, US President Joe Biden's administration is preparing to introduce a revised scientific model that portrays corn-based ethanol as less effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions than previously estimated, Reuters reports exclusively. This adjustment, which has not been previously disclosed, could significantly impact the ethanol industry's access to lucrative U.S. tax credits for sustainable aviation fuel, a vital lifeline for its financial sustainability.

The forthcoming model aims to more accurately factor in the environmental consequences of land conversion for corn farming while incentivizing climate-smart agricultural practices. This nuanced approach seeks to balance competing interests, addressing environmental concerns while providing a pathway for ethanol producers to qualify for subsidies through partnerships with sustainable farming initiatives. The decision reflects a delicate balancing act for the White House, navigating pressures from environmental advocates advocating for reduced reliance on agricultural fuels and an ethanol industry seeking avenues for economic viability amidst the rise of electric vehicles.

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