Wheat appropriate for breeding and barren land to be developed

11 November 20181 min reading

5d4a1050dfe790375a17738faa1d115019e342640810e146ce8fd9e97544aff4Within the scope of the project carried out with the cooperation of Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey University and Duru Bulgur, successful results were obtained in the production of higher yield wheat species on barren land. It is stated that the hay length of the species studied is also of sufficient size for use in animal husbandry. Thanks to the project, many domestic wheat varieties which have been abandoned in recent years have been procured and protected. In the greenhouse environment where production can be made4-6 times a year, dozens of varieties were obtained. The best sample will be cultivated and reproduced in the open field next year and will be offered to the manufacturer in 2021 with a certificate. Ihsan Duru, Chairman of Duru Bulgur said, "If we will achieve extending this wheat by 70 percent in Central Anatolia and West Central Anatolia, which constitute 33 percent of this barren land, we will have the chance to increase the wheat production by 150 million tons. The contribution of this move to our country will be 165 million pounds per year.”

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