US urges EU to delay deforestation regulation

25 June 20242 min reading

The US government has formally requested the European Union (EU) to postpone its planned EUDR deforestation regulation, citing significant challenges for American producers and potential economic impacts on bilateral trade.

The US government has formally requested the European Union (EU) to postpone its planned deforestation regulation, set to commence on December 30. American officials argue that the stringent requirements would significantly impact US producers of cocoa, timber, and sanitary products, urging Brussels to address critical compliance challenges before enforcing penalties.

The request, articulated in a letter dated May 30, underscores the complexity of verifying supply chains under the EU's impending law. US authorities, including Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo and Agriculture Secretary Thomas Vilsack, highlight the impracticality of tracing paper and pulp origins to comply with EU standards, which mandate proof of deforestation-free sourcing.

US concerns extend to potential economic repercussions on bilateral trade, emphasizing the need for comprehensive guidance and system infrastructure from the EU. While acknowledging the receipt of the US letter, the European Commission has yet to respond formally, amidst internal and external pressures for revisions and exemptions from affected member states and global trading partners.

The EU's deforestation regulation aims to enforce rigorous due diligence on imports of commodities linked to deforestation, including cocoa, coffee, and palm oil derivatives, impacting global supply chains and market dynamics.

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