Trace minerals’ influence on rumens to be discussed at European Federation of Animal Science

05 September 20222 min reading

Renowned cattle scientists will discuss trace minerals’ influence on rumen function and reproductive performance at European Federation of Animal Science.

Dr. Jerry Spears and Dr. John Arthington, two globally renowned cattle scientists, will discuss the role of science-based nutrition in supporting rumen function and reproductive performance during the 73rd Annual Meeting of European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP), 5-8 September in Porto, Portugal.

Dr. Jerry Spears, Professor Emeritus at North Carolina State University (USA), and Dr. John Arthington, Department Chair of Animal Sciences at University of Florida (USA) are presenting at EAAP at the invitation of Selko, the feed additive division of Trouw Nutrition.

Dr. Spears will discuss how trace mineral supplementation influences rumen performance in beef cattle. Dr. Arthington’s presentation will focus on how trace minerals influence the metabolic processes involved in ruminants’ reproductive functions. Both scientific presentations will take place on Monday, 5 September. Findings from a study examining the effects of trace mineral source on nutrient digestibility, mineral and antioxidant status on crossbred Indian cows will also be presented.

Remarking on the EAAP gathering, Davi Brito De Araujo, Global Programme Manager Trace Minerals at Selko said, “Bringing together livestock veterinarians, nutritionists and academics, EAPP spotlights science-based solutions to improve livestock health and productivity in Europe and around the globe. We are honoured that Dr. Spears and Dr. Arthington are sharing their expertise on how small but essential elements in cattle nutrition can play a big role in driving health and performance. We are very pleased to be sponsoring this event”.

The studies presented by Selko at EAAP expand on more than two decades of investments in research to increase understanding of how the trace mineral source affects animal health and performance. 


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