Symaga delivers two silo installations in Bangladesh for Cimbria

21 March 20242 min reading

Amidst Bangladesh's drive for enhanced food security, Symaga collaborates with Cimbria to deliver two essential silo installations in Naranyanganj and Barisal, bolstering the nation's strategic grain storage capabilities.

Symaga has participated in Modern Food Security Project (MSP), led by the Bangladesh government, by manufacturing and delivering two silo installations of silos to the Danish company Cimbria. One plant is located in the town of Naranyanganj reaching up to a number of 12 Silos SBHX1834/15 and the second one in Barisal, a city located in the Ganges delta with 16 silos SBHX1680/13.

The Government of Bangladesh has launched an innovative plan to build grain storage plants at several strategic locations. These plants will be equipped with a “Food Stock and Market Monitoring System”. The objective is to supervise the food stock, as well as the transport and the overall market in order to reduce inefficiencies.

Symaga has participated in other projects in Bangladesh as a port terminal for one of the large business groups in the Asian country. The company also participated in several feed mills.

Bangladesh, one of the most populated countries in the world, is experiencing strong economic and demographic growth demanding expansion of their agri-food industry supported by government projects food security.

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