Pune gears up for the 7th edition of Feed Tech Expo

11 September 20232 min reading

Pune gears up for the 7th edition of Feed Tech Expo

Pune's Auto Cluster Exhibition Center gears up for the 7th edition of Feed Tech Expo from 27th-29th October, a pivotal event for the animal feed industry, proudly partnered with Feed Planet.

The 7th edition of the Feed Tech Expo is set to be held at the Auto Cluster Exhibition Center in Pune from 27 th to 29th October. Dedicated to the complete value chain of the feed sector, this annual event is of paramount significance for industry professionals and stakeholders. 

Event Highlights:

  • Comprehensive discussions on the sustainable growth of the animal feed industry in India.
  • An opportunity to engage with industry visionaries and gain insights into the future trajectory of the sector.

The event is proudly supported by CLFMA of India, a revered association of feed professionals in the country. Feed Planet is honored to be media partner for this exposition. 

Event Schedule:

Day 1: Holistic Mycotoxin Risk Management: From A to Z

            Waste to Wealth-Poultry & Dairy

            Scope of Aquaculture

Day 2: Digital Disruption in Poultry, Livestock, & Aquaculture Sectors

            DDGS & Insect Meal: Evolving Feed Ingredients

            FPO success model

Day 3: Process Optimization

Attendees will be enveloped in engaging discussions, collaborative strategizing, and enlightening presentations throughout the conference series, poised to influence the animal feed industry's future direction.

This expo will offer attendees a platform for dynamic discussions, opportunities for strategic collaborations, and exposure to insightful presentations on diverse topics. The ultimate goal is to empower businesses, acquaint them with advanced technology, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the animal feed industry.

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