04 August 20192 min reading

As it is often mentioned, the increase in population and the increase in demand for animal products do not seem to be fulfilled by today's production understanding and volumes. At this point, insects, one of the most important candidates for meeting the protein deficit, bring along various question marks. Our special file is intended to give companies advocating the use of insects as animal feed the opportunity to express themselves.

With the world population expected to reach around 10 billion by 2050, food production is expected to increase by 70%. These figures necessitated the demand for animal products to double in the same period. In the view of those foreseen challenges, insects may provide a solution to the demand for sustainable and high-quality protein to feed both this growing population and livestock. It is stated that insects can feed both humans and animals in terms of sustainable and high quality protein demand.

EU Policies and Legislations can further boost the development of this young and innovative sector: Today, insects can be used in fish feed and pet food within the European Union. The next step will be to authorize their use for poultry feed and other livestock before widening the range of allowed insects’ substrates.

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