Phileo by Lesaffre introduces yeast probiotic to reduce carbon footprint in dairy farming

03 April 20242 min reading

Amid escalating concerns regarding environmental sustainability in dairy farming, a yeast probiotic has been launched. Developed by Phileo by Lesaffre, this solution showcases potential to reduce carbon footprint while enhancing farm profitability.

In a collaborative effort with international agri-food products life cycle assessment (LCA) specialists, Blonk Consultants, Phileo conducted a best-in-class dairy farm LCA. The results, revealed through a press release by Phileo by Lesaffre, highlight a notable reduction in carbon footprint by up to 5% during supplementation. This pioneering approach not only emphasizes environmental efficiency but also underscores a commitment to sustainable agricultural practices.

Julie Duclos, Global Species Manager at Phileo, commented on the significance of this breakthrough, stating, “This yeast probiotic is a trailblazer, Actisaf Sc47 efficiency and positive impact of farm profitability has been widely proven Showcasing environmental efficiency through a Life Cycle Assessment from cradle to farm gate, with a very robust process, clearly demonstrate its effect on milk production carbon footprint. Actisaf Sc47 positive impact on feed efficiency, performance and carbon footprint makes it a promising solution for dairy farmers dedicated to sustainable practices. Phileo remains steadfast in our commitment to fostering innovation and providing reliable information that supports the sustainable development of the agricultural industry.”

As the first yeast probiotic to undergo such a comprehensive assessment, this innovation sets a new standard for environmentally conscious farming practices.

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