German feed industry faces challenges amidst EU sustainability goals

02 April 20241 min reading

The German compound feed industry grapples with a 1.6% decrease in production in 2023, reaching 21.7 million tons, attributed to rising price and competition pressures. Additionally, EU sustainability regulations pose bureaucratic hurdles, with concerns over practicality and traceability.

Cord Schiplage
President of the German Feed Industry Association

In 2023, German feed production experienced a modest decline, marking a departure from previous years' sharp downturns. Cord Schiplage, President of the German Feed Industry Association (Deutscher Verband Tiernahrung e.V.  - DVT), highlighted challenges posed by declining pork production and increasing regulatory complexities, particularly EU sustainability measures.

According to DVT’s press release in mid-March, the industry witnessed a 1.4% reduction in pork numbers, contributing to a 5.8% decrease in swine feed volumes. Despite efforts to enhance sustainability, Dr. Hermann-Josef Baaken expressed reservations regarding the practicality of EU deforestation regulations, emphasizing the need for feasible implementation strategies. Moreover, declining revenues, down to €9.4 billion from €10.5 billion, underscored the impact of global market dynamics on domestic feed manufacturers. The association urged for streamlined regulations and emphasized the sector's commitment to sustainable practices.

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