Pellets made from sugar beet

11 February 20214 min reading
sugar beet Amandus Kahl built a flat die press that withstands major industrial requirements in sugar beet pelleting. One pellet mill of this type can replace two smaller ones and thus reduce the total wear part and operating costs. Based on the internationally renowned flat die technology, Amandus Kahl has set a milestone with the pellet mill 60-1500 and built a flat die press that withstands major industrial requirements in sugar beet pelleting. From a repertoire of more than 16 different press types, almost all performance ranges can be equipped with the right solution today. For the pelleting of sugar beet pulp, a press has been developed which meets the special requirements of sugar beet pulp pelleting, in particular due to its solid construction. For several decades now, the Kahl presses have proven their robustness, economic efficiency and quiet operation. Sugar beet pulp, in particular, depends on a multitude of ideal technical conditions to produce high-quality pellets from the pulp. For the processing of sugar beet residues, a solid design and high reliability are prerequisites for uninterrupted continuous operation. For many years Kahl pellet mill can be found worldwide in various industries and markets: Kahl flat die pellet mills are used from Brazil via the USA to Europe and Russia. Especially in the sugar processing industry in Europe, such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland, this technology is used by almost 100 %.


A wide range of flat die pellet mill is suitable for pelleting sugar beet pulp, depending on the desired throughput. In addition to the 60-1500, presses with a die diameter of 850, 1000 or 1250 mm can also be used for pelleting sugar beet. They all have the same technical design. This includes in particular the pan grinder head with the rotating pan grinder rollers and the flat die, which has become a unique selling point on the market due to its robustness. Due to the horizontal design of the die, the Kahl technology can make use of the gravity of the product. Thus, feeding is carried out by means of a suitable device, which ejects the product in the center of the press, so that it falls vertically in free fall in front of the rotating pan grinder rollers. Due to the large press interior, there is enough space for particularly voluminous products, such as sugar beet pulp, to be uniformly distributed in front of the pan grinder rollers. After only a short time, a product layer is formed on the die, which is rolled over by the pan grinder rollers, so that the product is pressed into the holes of the die. The automatic control system DISTAMAT by Amandus Kahl for continuous adjustment and control of the roller gap ensures a constant product layer, even with inconsistent product, and enables a uniform pellet production. As the pellets leave the die at the lower side, they are cut to the desired length by height-adjustable knives.


In recent years, Amandus Kahl has discovered that minor technical changes in the pelleting of sugar beet pulp have made it possible to produce pellets of even higher quality with less abrasion and a higher pellet hardness. For example, a pan grinder head with guide plates for the exact product distribution is installed in the Kahl presses. In addition, there is a height-adjustable cutting device. Furthermore, the large Kahl pellet mills are equipped with a gear oil spraying system to protect them against overheating, resulting in longer service lives. Moreover, larger bearings are installed to achieve even more economic wear part costs. The well-known roller shells for faster pan grinder roller replacement also reduce wear part costs, as the roller bearings can be used more often.
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