Over 30 years of experience and technological leadership in maritime logistics

18 December 202310 min reading

Interview: Cemalettin Kanaş

BATI Innovative Logistics excels in the maritime and logistics industry with over 30 years of experience and technological leadership. The company is driving transformation in the sector through customer-focused solutions and customized logistics services. Deputy General Manager Erman Atik emphasizes the enhancement of customer satisfaction through effective technology utilization. He highlights their provision of real-time cargo tracking and seamless communication with MYBATI, a specially developed tracking application.

As global importance of food security rises, the recent seminar organized by the London-based International Grains Council (IGC) at the London House of Japan emphasized the industry’s transformation. It underscored the significant contribution of real-time transportation data to food security. The crucial role of reliable and real-time transportation data in this transformation was emphasized. The event addressed the existing gaps in this field, deliberated on technological solutions, and underscored the significance of all institutions that will contribute to the future of food security.

In this context, BATI Innovative Logistics, actively keeping pace with technology and seamlessly integrating it into their services, extends an invitation to Feed Planet with their industry-shaping expertise. Under the leadership of Erman Atik, the company assumes a pioneering role in the logistics sector, backed by over 30 years of experience. Beyond being merely a transportation company, BATI Innovative Logistics stands out as a solution partner that shapes innovations in the industry.

Erman Atik, a key figure in crafting this success story, takes the forefront with his mission to represent Turkish Shipping at its best, leveraging over 25 years of experience in the maritime and logistics sector. As the Deputy General Manager at BATI Innovative Logistics, Atik’s aspiration to be a trailblazer in the industry aligns seamlessly with the company’s mission. Dive into our interview to uncover how BATI Innovative Logistics’ success narrative is molded by this visionary management approach.

First of all, can we get to know you briefly?

I’m Erman Atik, serving as the Assistant General Manager at Batı Group for approximately 3 years now. I completed my undergraduate studies in Marine Transportation and Management Engineering back in 2000. My career kicked off with Deniz Nakliyatı T.A.Ş., a significant state entity in the maritime and logistics sector, providing me with over 25 years of invaluable experience.

Among my objectives are representing Turkish Shipping in the best possible manner by applying the knowledge instilled through state education and taking a pioneering role in our operating sector. Additionally, one of my key priorities includes passing on my accumulated knowledge and experience to the new generations, contributing substantially to the sector.

Could you provide further insights into the mission and vision of Batı Innovative Logistics? Specifically, could you elaborate on your objectives regarding customer satisfaction and aspirations to be a global solution partner?

At Batı Innovative Logistics, we aim to optimize our customers’ business processes by delivering top-notch logistics solutions. We aim to deliver value-added, reliable, and flexible logistics services that support our customers’ operational excellence. As for our vision, we aspire to be recognized as a leading brand in the logistics industry, with a dedicated focus on addressing ever-evolving customer needs effectively. In this context, prioritizing customer satisfaction remains our utmost commitment. We continually enhance our business processes and offer innovative solutions to surpass customer expectations and provide added value. To shed light on our goal of becoming a global solution partner, it’s crucial to emphasize our continuous efforts in providing comprehensive logistics support worldwide, enabling customers to optimize their international business processes. In line with this, we establish strategic partnerships from a global perspective to enhance our customers’ competitive advantage and facilitate more effective management of their business processes.


As a company, you have been active in the industry for over 30 years. Could you share insights into the experiences you have acquired during this period?

Yes, at Batı Innovative Logistics, we have gained rich experiences from over 30 years of operating in the industry. Throughout this extensive period, we have developed the capability to navigate the dynamics of the logistics sector and swiftly adapt to evolving customer needs. Primarily, we have significantly enhanced our ability to create flexible and customizable logistics solutions, crucial for adapting to the continuously shifting global economic and trade conditions. The diverse backgrounds of our customers, spanning various industries with distinct operational requirements, have offered us valuable insights into different sectors and their unique needs. Additionally, our ongoing efforts to stay abreast of technological advancements, coupled with endeavors to continuously optimize our business processes, enable us to offer the best services to our customers using cutting-edge technology. The implementation of digitalization and automation has played a pivotal role in making our logistics operations faster, more accurate, and reliable. The experiences accumulated over more than 30 years have not only increased our capacity to provide more strategic and integrated logistics solutions to our customers but have also contributed to our attainment of a leading position in the industry.

Could you provide more information about your customized maritime logistics services?

Our maritime logistics services are designed to help our customers gain a competitive edge in global trade by offering solutions tailored to their specific needs. These specialized services have been developed to meet the diverse logistics requirements of customers across various industries. With a robust network of ports worldwide, we ensure the reliable and cost-effective transportation of our customers’ materials. We present a variety of options for shipments of different scales, ranging from full container loads to partial shipments. Leveraging our experience in navigating the intricacies of border customs processes, we provide tailored solutions to ensure seamless customs procedures for our customers. Throughout the maritime transportation process, we offer real-time tracking and detailed reporting, ensuring full transparency regarding the status of their shipments. Prioritizing customer safety, we proactively plan and develop effective risk management strategies against potential risks in maritime logistics processes. These bespoke maritime logistics services not only provide our customers with a competitive advantage but also enable them to optimize costs and manage their global supply chains more efficiently.

Could you provide insights into your expertise in project cargo transportation and vessel chartering? Can you share information about some of your notable projects?