New feed plant in Nigeria

15 October 20161 min reading

Animal feeds company Rico Gado Nutrition is establishing a new feed plant in the Nortwest of Nigeria.

atikuIn support of the diversification of the Nigerian economy, Rico Gado Nutrition, the animal feeds company founded by the former Vice President of All Progressives Congress, Atiku Abubakar is to establish another plant in the Northwest zone of the country. Rico Gado Nutrition in 2015 commissioned its plant in Yola, Adamawa State and in May of this year broke grounds for its Abuja plant located in Idu Industrial Area of the federal capital territory. That plant will produce more than twice the capacity of the Yola plant. Atiku Abubakar told the delegation of NVMA that the report of a feasibility he caused to be conducted in 2013 concluded that 95% of the livestock in Nigeria are in the northern part of the country. The former Vice President said that following that report, he took a strategic decision to build animal feeds plant in each of the three geopolitical zones of the northern part of the country.

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