Kartal Kimya, Avisa launch partnership

30 March 20221 min reading

Kartal Kimya, a leading feed additive company that exports to many countries of the world, has agreed to cooperate with Avisa Veterinary. Deciding to combine their experiences in animal health, the two companies announced their partnership with a launch meeting held in Malatya Ramada Hotel. At the launch, Kartal Kimya General Manager Dr. Murat Kalyoncu gave a speech on the vision, service quality and goals of Kartal Kimya family. Dr. Murat Kalyoncu also gave information about their joint efforts with Avisa Veterinary to combine forces.

At the launch program in Malatya, which hosted prominent figures of the industry, Zootechnist Erhan Gökdemir and Assistant Professor Hıdır Gençoğlu made a presentation entitled Critical Control Points in Livestock Breeding and Dairy Farming and Ration Management. Gökdemir and Gençoğlu shared their valuable information with the guests attending the launch.

Kartal Kimya, which was established and started production in 1985 with the vision of Yusuf Kanat, is today deepening its cooperation within Turkey and continuously growing in the global market.

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