Global feed safety summit held in Berlin

09 May 20222 min reading

Global Feed Safety Summit 2022 took place in Berlin with three main focus points: antimicrobial resistance, sustainability, and blockchain technology.

Global Feed Safety Summit 2022, the 3 day Summit made clear that feed safety is essential and it also need constant attention and further development. Industry leaders sharpened their minds, discussed the latest innovations and trends and came up with a list of actionable results.
In the course of the Summit, the organizing committee explored 3 topics, which will have an impact in the years to come. Van der Post: “I am proud that we reached such a concrete result.”
1-Antimicrobial resistance: a crucial topic as it is expected that in the near future more people will die from antibiotic resistance bacteria than from cancer. “We have access to expert committees to make progress in this field.”
2-Sustainability: “Sustainability per se is not in the core of GMP+ International, but we should connect and share data to be able to show our industries sustainability efforts. Therefore we will team up with GFLI and we will do that soon, this summer, to explore how our knowledge and certification can play a role in sustainability.”
3-Blockchain technology: “The challenge that we will pick up in 2023 with Covantis is if and how we can add feed safety to blockchain now in use in feed material handling.”
Van der Post concludes: “In our ‘pressure cooker’ event location in the wonderful city of Berlin, we were able to take the first steps in organizing commitment among each other. You can’t wish for more as a summit host.”

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