FRAmelco holds webinar on effectiveness of lysolecithins

17 March 20222 min reading

FRAmelco announced that it will hold a webinar on the effectiveness of feed additive lysolecithins about reducing feed costs on the 24th of March at 09:00 CET.

The alarming raw material price increase throughout the world encourages feed additive companies to focus on decreasing the total cost for feed producers. In such an attempt FRAmelco will discuss with the experts of the subject the effectiveness of lysolecithins in this context. The company is arranging a webinar on the 24th of March at 09:00 CET.

The company announced the webinar to those interested as follows:


“The demand for raw materials keeps on increasing due to macro-economic factors. Needless to say, additives are not a top priority for farmers and nutritionists in times like this.”

“Livestock animals are required to grow fast with a minimum amount of feed. Here, a high inclusion rate of fat is used to increase dietary energy. However, the energy only becomes available when the fat is properly emulsified.”

“What if we could make more use of saturated fat in feed formulations while keeping the same performance? Lysolecithins have proven their value in optimizing feed utilization thereby improving animal performance but also offering the opportunity to decrease production costs by reformulating expensive diets.”

“Do you want to save costs and learn how lysolecithins can contribute? Register for our webinar.”


Antoine Bertho - Webinar Host

Adisseo - Technical Manager Feed Additives

* Master's degree in animal production.

* Started as a ruminant nutritionist, in France.

* Jumped into swine, poultry, and aquaculture feed additives after moving to Vietnam, working for a local feed additives distributor.

* Currently working for Adisseo Vietnam


Christy de Wildt - Lysolecithin Specialist

FRAmelco - Product Manager Lysolecithins

* Master’s degree in animal nutrition, Wageningen Uni.

* R&D Internship: "The expected general effect of glycerides and lysolecithins on animal health and performance"

* Lysolecithin specialist at FRAmelco, since 2020.


Andre Meeusen  - Lysolecithin Specialist

ANS Services | Independent Consultant

* Master’s degree in Animal Production & Nutrition, Agricultural University of Ghent – Belgium, in 1974.

* 45+ years of experience in the livestock industry

* Spiritual father of the “Eubiotic Nutrition Concept”

* Independent consultant in animal nutrition and feed additives, since 2008.


Dr. Sivaram - Veterinarian

Pahang Pharmacy - Nutrit. Products Manager

* Dr. of Veterinary Medicine, Malaysian Agriculture University.

* Almost 30 years of experience in livestock industry

* Malaysian FRA-Partner for 10+ years.

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