Former foodstuff processing: keeping the nutrients in the food chain

09 May 20226 min reading

EFFPA members constantly grow in expertise not only in feed manufacturing or feed safety but also in sustainability topics such as LCA, green labeling, and communication.

Valentina Massa


Feeding more people with high-quality and sustainable food while keeping all the best practices to reduce wastage and increase efficiency to respect the environment. Here is the key challenge to be faced by the food & feed value chains for the next decades, in the current moment, more than ever. To optimize the use of our resources while reducing emissions and the environmental impact of food, we must consider circular ways of production. This is why the processing of former foodstuffs represents an opportunity for safe, sustainable, and nutritious feed ingredients production.


EFFPA, the European Former Foodstuff Processors Association, represents national associations and companies specialized in the processing of former foodstuffs into animal feed. In Europe, approximately 5 million tonnes of processed former foodstuffs are annually used in animal feed. EFFPA represents the sector at EU level since 2014 but it also represents the interests of observer members outside Europe. 

Typical former foodstuffs used in our sector are coming from the production of bread, biscuits, breakfast cereals, crisps, cake and dough trimmings, chocolates, and other confectionaries. They may include also single ingredients and semi-finished products until the end-finished food product. They were originally manufactured with the intention to be sold on the human consumption market, but in case of any reason like an unperfect product (shape, packaging, weight, ingredients, processing mistake, labeling, etc…) that cannot harm animal feed safety, they are no longer considered suitable for human consumption but perfectly safe after proper processing as a feed ingredient for animals. Nevertheless, these are valuable nutritional resources and are extremely useful and sustainable in animal feed.

Once collected, former foodstuffs are transformed into standardized and safe feed ingredients. The main customers of former foodstuff processors are compound feed manufacturers (and sometimes big farmers who directly produce their feed).

Our philosophy: close the loop in the food/feed chain while adding value and reducing potential food wastage thanks to valorizing them in safe and quality feed ingredients, for a sustainable animal food chain