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26 May 20202 min reading

The rapid growth of the global population, as well as the changes in consumption habits to give weight to animal proteins, gradually increases the significance of compound feed production. On the other hand, the competition among companies and the low price demand of the consumer always make it obligatory to follow the latest technologies closely.

With the development of the middle class and the increase in health awareness, the change in consumption habits and the rapid growth of the world population are accepted by the business world as the precursors that we will need more animal protein in the near future. For example, it seems impossible to meet the demand that will occur 30 years later with the current production potential. This inference concerns farmers, feed manufacturers and feed technology companies equally. This information that we obtained by using statistics and efficiency which is increasing with the development of technology are being mobilized to close the expected excess demand.

The cover story of our May-June issue is formed with the precious contributions of the leading companies of the world. Yemmak, leading machinery manufacturer of Turkey, took its place this study with an article questioning whether the feed sector is prepared for Coronavirus and similar crises. Dutch technology company Dinnissen Process Technology, on the other hand, discussed the specifics of the vacuum coating 'revolution' in feed production. In this study, Bühler, another important company having a hand in the cover story, presented brief information about the flaking process.

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  • How Poweful are we as the feed sector against COVID-19 pandemic? In the century we are in, the risks of epidemics have been added on top of the already existing natural disasters, global wars, and economic crises. This process first showed us to what extent states and global sectors, as well as societies, are -or likely to be- prepared for possible crises. [button color="red" size="small" link="" icon="" target="true"]Read More »[/button]
  • The vacuum coating revolution in feed production In feed production there is a hidden revolution going on. Why are the biggest feed producers in the world using vacuum coating techniques? And why should you too? This article answers the questions why and how every feed producer could benefit from implementing vacuum coating techniques in their production line. For better feed, healthier animals, and less emissions. [button color="red" size="small" link="" icon="" target="true"]Read More »[/button]
  • The flaking process in the animal feed industry [button color="red" size="small" link="" icon="" target="true"]Read More »[/button]
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