Experts gather at Bühler’s headquarters for pet food & aqua feed workshop

29 March 20241 min reading

Industry leaders convened at Bühler’s headquarters in Uzwil for the Pet Food & Aqua Feed Workshop, hosted by the Value Nutrition Academy. With a focus on advancing extrusion technology and exploring sustainable protein sources, the workshop facilitated knowledge exchange among over 20 international participants.

Bühler’s recent Pet Food & Aqua Feed Workshop proved to be a dynamic platform for industry professionals to delve into the latest advancements and trends shaping the sector. From February 26th to 29th, participants from various corners of the globe converged in Uzwil to partake in informative sessions led by expert engineers and technologists. Discussions centered on the intricacies of extrusion machinery, equipment, and processes, alongside market dynamics and quality control measures.

Notably, the workshop delved into the rising significance of plant-based and insect proteins in pet food and aqua feed formulations, reflecting a growing emphasis on sustainable sourcing practices. Practical insights were complemented by hands-on sessions at Bühler’s Extrusion Application Center, allowing attendees to translate theoretical knowledge into actionable solutions. The event’s success was underscored by the collaborative spirit among participants and the dedication of Bühler’s team, comprising technologists, technicians, and administrative staff. 

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