Devenish seeking investment to bolster global footprint

29 March 20212 min reading
Richard Kennedy CEO at Devenish

Devenish is actively exploring partnership opportunities within the food and feed industries across the globe as part of its ambitious international growth strategy.

Global agri-technology company Devenish has announced plans to raise capital in order to strengthen its international growth plans and capitalise on industry trends favoring companies that deliver sustainable solutions. Headquartered in Belfast, with sites across Ireland, the UK, USA, Turkey and Uganda, Devenish is a leading provider of environmental, animal and human health solutions. Employing over 750 people globally and trading in over 40 countries, Devenish carries out pioneering research and development in health and sustainability throughout the food chain in response to the growing consumer demand for safe, nutritious and sustainably produced food. Richard Kennedy, Chief Executive, Devenish said: "The past number of years have seen rapid growth for Devenish internationally, and we now have a presence in over 40 countries. In the US, we will have grown from two manufacturing sites when we first started there, to six, by the end of this year. We are also growing in emerging markets, expanding our operations in Mexico and setting up new business in the Latin American region and elsewhere. "We have ambitious plans to further build on our global footprint, and we intend to secure further investment as part of that strategy. We have appointed Goodbody as our financial advisers to explore a number of options with potential financial investors and industry partners."

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