Devenish collaborates with Landus for product distribution in Europe

29 September 20232 min reading

Devenish joins forces with US-based cooperative Landus to distribute a specialized feed, enhancing the calcium status of pre-calving cows in the Irish, UK, and Danish markets.

Devenish, an animal nutrition company, has entered a distribution agreement with the U.S.-based farmer-owned cooperative, Landus. This partnership facilitates the distribution of a specialized dietetic complementary feed that aims to balance the Dietary Cation-Anion Difference (DCAD) and bolster the calcium status of pre-calving cows. Targeting the Irish, UK, and Danish markets, the agreement underscores the commitment of both companies to improve animal health and welfare.

Speaking about the product, Dr. Morgan Sheehy, Director at Devenish, stated, "The transition period (the three weeks pre- and post-calving) are the most critical in the cow's production cycle. Over 80% of the animal's issues occur or are caused by events during this period. How well she copes with the stress of a rapidly increasing demand for nutrients to support milk production will determine her health, fertility, production, and economics over the next lactation." He also added, "Our customers have been seeing the benefits of SoyChlor in the close-up period for the past eight years, so we are delighted to have secured this agreement with Landus."

Brandon Finke, Animal Nutrition Lead at Landus, highlighted the synergy between the two companies: "Devenish and Landus are both committed to science-based solutions, combined with industry-leading service, so they were the obvious partner in the Irish, UK, and Danish markets. We look forward to working with Devenish to help producers improve their performance and profitability on-farm."

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